Project Plan Services (PPS) are the UK resellers for SmartSheet and offer consultancy and training to ensure clients access the full benefits of implementing this excellent cloud solution for Project Managers & Planners

It’s like a spreadsheet, but smarter.

“Smartsheet enables our teams to work how and where they work, it’s the ideal collaboration and online project management tool. It’s easy to use, has deep functionality, and ultimately doesn’t restrict how they use it”.

Michael Walsh D-Link CIO & President
of a $1B dollar global company with nearly 2,500 employees.

Easy to use, cost effective Cloud Project Management Collaboration Tool – takes familiar spreadsheets to the next level

Productivity savings:

  • Intuitive Spreadsheet-like interface, updates just ONE version in real-time.
  • Use Smartphones or Tablets to update the master on the move.
  • All Team members can work from live data.
  • Means team meetings are more productive.
  • No learning curve or costly training required.



SmartSheet’s Intuitive simplicity means you are up and running virtually instantly and is very cost effective for organisations who don’t have large budgets for Project Management systems but do have need of improved collaboration in an unconstrained way.

Scheduling becomes a whole lot easier with realtime reports

SmartSheet represents a natural progression from spreadsheets and task managers to an enterprise capable project managment tool that sits in the cloud at an SME price.

File sharing and step by step support videos ( if you need them)

Smartsheet, put simply, is like a ‘spreadsheet on steroids’. It has all of the functionalities and benefits of a spreadsheet such as fomulas and formatting, yet it can be accessed and edited instantly by anyone, anywhere. Sharing the latest updates on projects is no longer a chore, and has been shown to increase communication and efficiency in the work place, saving time for important decisions based on LIVE data with one version of the truth.

Your team can visualise your plans, complete their tasks and update the project plan from any device, so you focus on managing the project not chasing the team. No more manual calendar juggling with reports easily available to chosen viewers, so your CEO and Clients can see what you want them to see.

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