Office 365

If you have ever…

  • Wasted hours circulating large files by email to team members to update them?
  • Used the wrong version of a report because it has been edited and saved to different computers?
  • Wished that all the supporting documents to a report or project could be in one place?

PPS can help you, these are but a few examples of scenarios that our project management systems can eliminate… ultimately revolutionising the efficiency of your workplace.

See a 1minute video explaining how 365 can help your company.

Features include…

  • Web based email and calendars viewable on all your devices
  • The latest MS Office 2010 software is included with 365
  • SharePoint document management & web site pages…
  • …ensures team members and clients can see, share and edit files.

By Implementing Microsoft 365 you avoid all the capital costs of hardware and software purchase by paying an affordable monthly fee to access them “in the Cloud”, while getting the benefit of all the features appropriate to your needs… Ideally suited to fast growth small to mid-sized companies that just want to focus on their business not their IT infrastructure and make rapid progress to enjoy the benefits.

PPS experts can gather your exact requirements in a short consultancy exercise then implement Microsoft 365 quickly and efficiently.

So, what are you waiting for?

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