EPM Lite

EPM Lite – the project management  solution which allows work managers and teams to carry out  planning and tracking without the need to implement a full traditional EPM solution.  This solution is ideal for non IT organisations or departments such as Marketing, HR, Facilities, Finnace, Design who still need to plan, track and report on pieces of work but who don’t need to regularly build and maintain full detailed schedules. 

Since this Lite solution is entirely web based, there is no requirement to train staff up on the full desktop planning tool Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 which is only normally required for detailed planning by full-time project mangers or planners.

This solution takes advantage of Microsoft Office Project Server 2010’s web based task editing capability together with enterprise project types which allows for more powerful customisation and provision of project templates for different project types, levels of detail and governance models.

EPM Lite is available as a pre-configured solution together with sample projects, resources and reports.  Once deployed, the solution can then be tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation or department.

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