Planning Solutions

Schedule/Task management
Excel spreadsheets are proving too unwieldy for my project plans and milestone information.
I need repeatable plan templates with Gantt charts, for planning,
tracking and reporting.
I need to integrate my workstream and project manager’s plans into my overall Programme critical path.
We need a single repository of all the resources, and to assign these resources into our detailed plan schedules.
We need to manage several projects and better utilize shared
resources across them.
We need high level resource plans to carry out “what-if” capacity and availability analysis.

Portfolio & Programme Management
How can I capture ideas for new projects & programmes and view them alongside my live projects?
We need to provide multiple views of our Projects & Programmes to our differing stakeholders.
I want a solution to help me track projects & progress through the lifecycles and methodologies we use.

Collaboration within teams and with remote workers
We need to share our schedules collaboratively across web based platforms between team members and project managers.
How can we share our project documents across web based platforms
& maintain “one version of the truth”.
I need a way of capturing and reporting risks, issues and dependencies across multiple projects.
I need to allocate tasks to my distributed team with live feedback, dialogue & reporting on any device.

How can we carry out deep and rich data analysis on multi-project information?
We need to visualize milestones for executive level presentation.
I need to track a large volume of milestones and how they change
week on week.

Budgeting and Relative Implementation Time for the above solutions
We have a limited budget. What is the relative cost of implementing these solutions (excluding consultancy)?
Relative Implementation time.

Alternatively, if you are new to planning and project management and want to understand how you and your team can develop your skills – why not consider our Planning Basics Course?

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