1. New blog only?

    New blog only?

  2. “Gamechanger” solutions using PPS Accelerate

    In celebration of the BUY YORKSHIRE event
    on 24th & 25th April and the launch of the latest cloud solutions, PPS announce two “Gamechanger” planning solutions and the:

    PPS Accelerate Programme

    Utilise the PPS Accelerate programme to have your own planning solution set up and running in just days
    – don’t procrastinate, Accelerate!


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  5. PPS Chosen to work with Yorkshire Water

    Project Plan Services (PPS) has been selected by Yorkshire Water to assist with their IT department’s SharePoint/Project Server 2010 migration project. This work will enable Yorkshire Water IT to migrate their existing projects, resources and reports onto the latest production version of their Enterprise Project Management solution (EPM). Once complete, Yorkshire Water IT will be able to take advantage of the new capabilities offered in the 2010 version of EPM such as Excel reporting services, SharePoint integration and the many new desktop features afforded by Project 2010 Professional (and previously introduced features from Project 2007). more

  6. Project 2013 and Project Server 2013

    Microsoft have this week announced the arrival of Project 2013 and Project Server 2013 in Beta version initially for preview purposes. What does this mean for you and your organisation?

    Quite apart from a new latest version with additional features and capabilities, Project will now be offered Online as well as in desktop form. “Project Online” will be an accessible application from within the Office 365 suite of online services and will bring the benefits of EPM to a wider set of organisations who cannot afford the capital outlay and risk of deploying Project Server in house without the solution being proved first. Organisations will be able to use Project Online to manage their entire work and project portfolios on on a pay as you go per user basis and can gradually introduce new capabilities in their project management environment as user adoption and satisfaction ramps up.

    PPS as MS Project experts and Office 365 partners are ideally placed to provide the specialist advice that organisations will need in order to become early adopters of these solutions. It is a long awaited development and PPS welcomes all enquiries from existing and new clients who wish to achieve rapid benefit from Project online.

    Contact us for further information or goto the Beta preview here

  7. “plan more diligently”

    PPS Managing Director Peter Allanach writes in the Ackrill Media Group’s January 2012 Business Monthly…

    “2011 was Project Plan Services’ ( PPS ) third year as Microsoft Partners with the speciality of Project and Portfolio Management. Being the only such partner based in the North of England, we have attracted business from the Yorkshire/ Lancashire region as well as further south.  We have seen strong interest from the specialist engineering and manufacturing sector who are not only active but more

  8. PIPC

    Working on one of PIPC’s major banking sector client programmes, Project Plan Services was contracted to help design and implement the planning standards for a strategic cost reduction  programme within the bank in order to allow for plans across diverse business change initiatives to be consolidated and reported upon more

  9. Reed Professional Services

    Project Plan Services (PPS) initially provided a detailed walkthrough of how the functionality within Microsoft EPM might be able to help and then worked with Reed Professional Services to draw up a requirements specification based on the identified business goals. more

  10. Vestas

    VestasWorking within Vestas Sales and Contracting division, PPS were engaged to design a Microsoft Office Project planning infrastructure to be used by all Business Project Managers and the Project Management Office (PMO) for creating, publishing and reporting…. click here for more

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