Ackrill Media Group Jan 2012

PPS Managing Director Peter Allanach writes in the Ackrill Media Group’s January 2012 Business Monthly…

2011 was Project Plan Services’ ( PPS ) fourth year as Microsoft Partners with the speciality of Project and Portfolio Management. Being the only such partner based in the North of England, we have attracted business from the Yorkshire/ Lancashire region as well as further south.  We have seen strong interest from the specialist engineering and manufacturing sector who are not only active but selling their solutions around the world, so for some of these companies they are not in recession but expanding, which is why they need PPS to help them to improve their planning methodology and toolsets to give better control and visibility to their teams.

PPS at heart are a planning solutions company based in Boston Spa but with London only 2 hours away, we have serviced financial services companies in London and the south east , helping with their major integration programmes and in some cases now with their divestment needs.

Companies have been showing a healthy interest in enhancing their ability to manage projects through improved processes and the adoption of such technologies as Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management solution (EPM) known as Project Server 2010 which helps larger companies to plan and control their projects more effectively. This interest has ramped up considerably in Q4 of 2011 and we expect a significant number of clients to give us the green light to implement these solutions in Q1 & Q2,  2012 but confidence in growth is not yet strong and considerable caution is evident.

All the drivers are there, as there has never been a better time to plan more diligently and in greater detail in order to deliver projects to scope, on time and on budget. Every penny spent must have its expenditure planned and managed carefully, with full visibility of human & physical resources and their allocation being essential.

Choosing and approving which projects should in fact even take place, or “what if” scenario planning are  areas of strong interest, realising better returns on investment by ensuring projects deliver the biggest “bang for buck” based on the business’s strategic drivers and not individual’s “pet” projects.

PPS is looking forward to 2012 by launching a series of project focussed workshops for smaller fast growth enterprises, that help project managers to move beyond a complex Excel  Spreadsheet and develop improved methodology, reducing  duplication of effort and increasing quality decision making time.

We believe 2012 will be an excellent year for growth held back only by the gloomy  economic outlook  which in some cases will delay cautious decision-makers from implementing improvements. To ease their pain we are constantly finding affordable solutions that satisfy their needs, in some cases by offering Cloud solutions with the smaller investment needed.

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